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The BBC TV series, They gave the thumbs up to kefir; volunteers who drank the fermented drink every day exhibited the biggest change in gut bacteria with a rise in lactobacillales, thought to be good for general gut health and are known to help certain conditions including travellers’ diarrhoea and lactose intolerance.

Nutritional therapist Niamh Burke, who runs a 21-day Kefir programme, says the probiotic effect of the natural drink can dampen down the inflammation in the gut and support digestion.

Do you chew your food well, eating slowing and mindfully or are you eating on the go all the time?

” When you rule out those issues, then you may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, which affects 10-15 per cent of the Irish population.

“It’s important to rule out coeliac disease, you can be checked for inflammation with a blood test and make sure there is no blood in your stool.“In my opinion, the root cause of a lot of gut problems is dysbiosis, an imbalance in your gut flora often caused by too few beneficial bacteria and I would use a mix of functional and integrated medicine and nutritional therapy to restore good health.” If you’re stuck with ongoing gut problems, the 5R protocol suggests you remove, replace, reinoculate, repair and rebalance.Creaven advises: “You remove any trigger foods, replace with nutrient-dense foods, reinoculate with ‘good’ bacteria, repair your gut lining and rebalance with better lifestyle choices such as reducing stress.Unfortunately for the 12 million working Brits affected by the condition, symptoms which include abdominal pain and excessive wind can strike indiscriminately at the most inconvenient times, massively impacting their day to day lives.For some sufferers the stress and misery caused by IBS or even empathise with someone experiencing an IBS flare up.

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