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I just felt tired and bloated and I started breaking out, which I never do.

Just ask me for help.” That part’s been hard, because we just moved into a new house [in Orange County], and I’m surrounded by boxes.

I mean, I know people talk badly about the Kardashians but at least their show is somewhat fun for their viewers to watch.

This show's biggest flaw happens to be that they do not explain where the weird friction between the mother and Audrina's sister Casey comes from.

A variety show that traveled all over the United States, to discover different regional foods and dances.

Multiple celebrity hosts covered a wide variety of of the varying elements of American culture and traditions.

I haven’t found a dress yet, because I can’t try them on.

With her tell-it-like-it-is mom Lynne at the center of this close bunch, Audrina is still expected to have an active presence in the lives of her three younger siblings: former wild child Casey, genial younger brother Marky and 15-year-old sister Samantha, who is already exhibiting a rebellious streak that could put Casey's and Audrina's to shame. With all the fake and melodramatic soap opera style the Hills was taped in, it was obviously manipulated by producers of the show to create drama and even with the monotone voices and girly problems that show had, it is still FAR more entertaining than this show!

This show's biggest issue is that no one cares about this family's drama.

I still wake up to pee 10 times a night and sometimes also to make a peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich.

I had my first good night this week, after I got a Snoogle [pregnancy pillow].

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