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But while Bridget feels essentially like the same person, if a little older and wiser, Mark’s evolution as a character is more striking.We’re used to men getting to continue to play viable romantic heroes as they get older, even as their female counterparts get relegated to dowdy-mom roles.Hugh Grant had script meetings with Colin Firth before deciding not to appear in Bridget Jones’s Baby.

This scenario always looks pretty much the same, from film (I’m going to largely ignore the second film), much of the comedy comes from juxtaposing the freewheeling, openhearted Bridget with the uptight, shut-off Mark.He has the amazing ability to communicate immense joy and great sorrow with a single glance, even as his expression barely changes, as if he’s trying to lock his feelings away behind a pained grimace and furrowed brow.In one scene, Bridget reveals that she is pregnant with his baby (maybe), and he has to excuse himself from the room, presumably to panic in private.Speaking to Evening Standard Online, Firth revealed that Grant was in talks to be part of the third film in the early stages.“It was about discussing whether this script or that script was going to work and we actually had meetings, script-development, spit-balling meetings where various ideas were thrown about.

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