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If you have a man that doesn’t need anything, and only has expensive tech gadget on his wish list, you can try experiences too. But you could prepare a nice date at home and spend less than . Last year, I made a custom agenda for my BF, with pictures of our motorcycle trip through the US every 10 days. It took me time to select the pictures and have them printed and glued, and cost around . I first was annoyed when I got practical stuff from my boyfriends, but have to admit that I do use those things every day and wouldn’t like to have useless stuff around.

This year’s coffee machine falls into that category.

diese woche haben wir zucchini und bundmöhren in unserer biokiste, mir ist nach puffern – aber ich mag einfach nicht »etwas in fett auszubacken« (ich esse es gerne – mags aber selber nicht machen), also ein versuch puffer im backofen zu machen – und – wir fanden sie superlecker!

2 zucchini, fein geraspelt (etwa 350 g) | 1 kleine zwiebel, klein gehackt | 1 knoblauchzehe, fein gehackt | 2-3 karotten, geraspelt (etwa 150 g) | 100 g haferflocken | 100 g raspelkäse | 3 eier | salz, pfeffer | ausserdem: kräuterquark zum servieren in einer grossen schüssel zucchini, karotten, knoblauch und zwiebel gut vermischen und ordentlich mit salz und pfeffer abschmecken, die eier, die haferflocken und den käse untermischen und erneut gut vermischen.

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And usually, I find most cheap presents so annoying that I overcompensate with something super expensive in the end. This year, I am pretty proud of myself, I spent just over 0 on a coffee grinder and an expresso machine.The handyman gets an extra month salary, pro rated for the months he worked here, by law.We may do a gathering with the contract workers, I would cook and provide soft drinks for them and their family.This year I sent my niece a letter from Santa from Finland (I asked Santa when I visited this summer to write to my niece), and a little package from Guatemala with handicrafts.My teenage brother is getting clothes and we are doing a common present with my sister for my mum, probably tickets to a musical or something. Pets most certainly don’t need gifts, so if I had one I wouldn’t spend money on it. I ended up with stuff I didn’t need and had to spend money on people I didn’t like.

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