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Abel: The bread our ancestors would have been eating is only fresh for a short window of time.

Today, most of us are eating old stale bread that’s packed with preservatives.

Eating a steak isn’t the same as eating a stick of pepperoni. I’ve been cutting down the meat intake and bringing in a little more seafood and fish (once or twice a week) and poultry, and then of course a little bit of meat in the soups.

Abel: So you’re eating differently now than you did in your Paleo days. My Paleo thing was 3 eggs and 6 – 8 strips of bacon for breakfast.

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So my brother, who is a long haul truck driver, had a thirty foot travel trailer just sitting there. ” I put it on the lot, bought four solar panels and 6 D batteries, got internet and a tank for sewage, and water came from springs up the hill.He gives us contrarian perspectives on low-carb, fasting, starches, potatoes, politics, and rock and roll.Fun fact: Richard was one of my first interviews ever on Fat-Burning Man when I started 5 years ago.Abel: Even as outdoor enthusiasts, we are trained to be consumers. But at the same time, you know that a Coca Cola is not a potato. but as soon as you add in B vitamin supplements (and a few others) the hunger follows straight away and so does obesity.You’ve heard people say if you start eating a pizza you can put down a whole large pizza by yourself?

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