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This is what this Revolution is about - taking back our divine ALIVENESS and giving nothing to nothing that would have us be less ALIVE than we were born to be.

We do this for our children and future generations so that they may be BORN FREE.

When all the hearts have joined again as one - the light of humanity is brighter than the sun and no darkness such as this can exist on this planet. Keep Reading the Books and take care of YOUR-SELF and mind what you ingest into your mind and body- and then read all the books again, and again - it moves deeper within your psyche and then when your thinking has truly changed the physical universe must reflect your thoughts - as it always does in Perfection. AMEN and A'ho, Mitakyue Oyasin Kali -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Mike Delcavo Kali, I like what you have to say about much of what you have to say about the new world order. They have been able to keep themselves a secret for a long time and they still exist. - Mike -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Kali Neilson Thanks Mike - I hear you ..

So I agree that light can drive away darkness but what about we darkness is infiltrating and you dont know about it? It seems to me we need to recognize what is, not just ignore it! I'll re-emphasize the point of Awareness versus ignorance: when I/we/us consciously declare: " I am aware of you (dark energy/NWO/etc) but I will give you none of my divine precious energy or my moments, or my children, or my body, in ANY way." its a conscious boycott.

This is why we have to come back to nature, eat natural food, live in natural homes, and basically become Natural people again - for by the image, its drugs, the artificial food and medicines, the toys, technology, media, the materialism, the policies, the WORLD ORDER etc.human is caught in a web and the image can only keep unconscious humans in its web.

(Dark cannot persist where there is light) You can see a very real and disturbing manifestation of this IMAGE for humans when you watch the Video - 'Birth as we know it' on this site - and see and feel the difference between a natural birth and a c-section birth by doctors in masks with implements...

I may say things you already know in my reply here- but this is an act of consciousness within the presence of what your thoughts have brought to my own awareness in this moment. And returning our attention, thoughts, consciousness and energy to CREATION = LIFE, NATURE, LOVE , EACH OTHER.

" you shall have none of my divine thoughts and moments for your game" and "I see you and your suffering and one day you shall awake too." And "you are also loved as I am and you are my brothers and sisters." By our consciously chosen thoughts of...

Namaste (East India, In'Lakesh Ala K'in (Mayan), Mitakye Oyasin (Lakota) - all meaning We are ONE, the Spirit of you honours the Spirit of Me, We are all related ... We are able to create with our thought and even more with our WORD.

We ignite the flame in clouded hearts who still give their energy to these illusions. We must return ALL of our energy to creation and then let NATURE take its course.. If we connect to our word and even our letters we can create reality. But people havent been paying attention to the people in power and they have been existing anyway.

Kev - we change the world and the balance of power (energy) by taking full responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. It is the REALITY of being human with consciousness - where are attention GOES Energy flows.

Therefore - this is how I myself deal with this energy while it still persists upon the planet as an example: I am aware of it.

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