Flash xml updating

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You will also need u Blox u-center software for updating the firmware. First you have to connect to the GPS module by choosing the correct port and baudrate.

For more information on how to do this and how to configure the see this post. You can do this by opening Messages window, navigating to UBX - Firmware Update A firmware update window will appear.

One of the benefit of XML is that you can easily update slideshow with new content.

But without generate the SWF and HTML, this may be difficult and time consuming.

If everything went ok, you should get the updated firmware version 🙂 Just a word of caution: If you would like to use the module in unconventional ways like with RTKLIB, you should consider not updating it, as the newer firmware doesn’t support the debug messages needed for RTKLIB anymore (downgrading to flash 2.01 seems to work ok).

You can still downgrade to an older Flash version, but I am not sure if it is possible to downgrade to the ROM version.

To make the most of your photos and create a stunning flash XML gallery and XML slideshow, a good XML gallery making tool like Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe will be a necessary.

Of coure everything you do on your own risk – here is just a writeup of what worked for me 😉 The module, even if running from ROM image has onboard Flash which can be used to store an updated version of firmware. The newest version as of this moment seems to be 3.01.By change XML file, Flash may read content from XML file and display on your XML gallery instantly.Prepare the images and their thumbnails with your favorite image editing program. To change images, caption and description, duration, etc., open "/resource/xml/album_1/slide.xml" and change text. You can duplicate it to include more images in your XML gallery. A SWF file, an HTML page and a "resource" folder with XML files will be generated automatically.You can also directly upload XML gallery to your website via FTP.

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