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The easiest way to check flip authenticity is by looking at the bar code.With authentic PSA cards, the bar code should be unique to each card and never duplicated on any other card.Lastly, the cards used in the scam are typically very good counterfeits and can be difficult to detect through a picture or scan.However, some of them are easy to spot as can be seen with the Hank Aaron below.

To detect if a holder has been opened or tampered with, the easiest way is to analyze the edges of the holder.The first scan was actually sent to me by one the scam artists in California.What can be seen is several of the cards in different stages of production.Below, I’ll outline the specific scam and what measures need to be taken to avoid this specific scam and scams of a similar nature.The scam, which originated in California, involved selling high dollar counterfeit cards in legitimate PSA holders.

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