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' and this character just emerged, that had this great humor, and heart and soul, and yet he was the ultimate teacher.

Both films had soundtracks with similar, award-winning music. Avildsen directed Karate Kid I-III and Rocky, Rocky V. Miyagi's system of karate instruction is offbeat, to say the least. But the heart of this movie isn't in the fight sequences, it's in the relationships.

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Please consider the series AS A WHOLE when making your final decision... what they SHOULD have done was cast ed norton in it instead. Daniel tries to fight back, but this is a Southern California kid, and so of course he has a black belt in karate. Miyagi, who seems to be a harmless old eccentric with a curious hobby: He tries to catch flies with chopsticks. Rocky: Ohhh, I might be in here with the wrong guy.

Come on, Chozen the villain (how many people know his name and that he's played by Yuji Okumoto, without checking out IMDB), was great. Partially because it was one of the only movies I owned as a little kid, so I've literally seen it at least 300 times, no exaggeration. Most people always put Rocky 5 down, but Rocky 5 is one of the few boxing movies in existence that takes a look at the dirty side of boxing, mainly with promoters.

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Ebert, and I didn't rate the film as highly as he did, but his review explains the "hype": The Karate Kid BY ROGER EBERT I didn't want to see this movie.

Morita makes Miyagi into an example of applied serenity.

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