Mumbai blind dating

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Once I was done talking to the founder and readers, I moved towards my date, yes, books. As I went close to them, I saw the interesting descriptions written on the covers.“Sports- Autobiography.

The most celebrated Indian cricketer of all time, he received the Bharat- Ratna Award (India’s highest civilian honour) on the day of his retirement”.

“I conceived this idea at the Mulund college canteen where we were discussing how reading has become an expensive habit. There we, me and my friend Aashay Nigde, came to the conclusion that we should arrange a date with books to make others understand that one should read other authors as well.

Our main objective is to provide a content-centric and affordable reading to bookworms. We decided to cover the books with brown covers with hints on it about the book.

Here, I discovered the freedom to make a life for myself as I wished. My well-intentioned parents tried their best to find me a "RISHTA" in their own “social circle” BUT failed because their “social circle” was not MY “social circle” anymore & I had nothing in common with the people there.

So i made new friends, gathered new experiences, travelled, worked hard & partied harder. full of my own unique experiences, had made me a “new person”…and I wanted to meet someone from “my world” in a way that I related to…yet also someone who my parents could relate to as well.

that both of us had a similar family background & status, a similar education, worldview, lifestyle, attitude & most importantly ..a very similar “Life – Story”!

You see, we were both small town kids whose parents gave them a great education & set them on a path that changed their life as well as lifestyle.

I think the open mic is a good idea but book dating should be the main agenda,” she said.

I guessed it was about Sachin Tendulkar, but I did not pick it up because it was not what I was looking for. After a lot of researching and reading the hints, I ended up buying two books and it was indeed an amazing experience. Go ahead, follow their FB page at https:// Blind Book Date/.

Until then, keep reading and exploring new authors.

I met Dali at a footloose party at Hard Rock Café’.

We chatted, bantered, pulled each other’s leg, laughed and had a great time.

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