Online dating without a picture

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What do you think about online dating with no pics? For those of us sticking to shallow dating:11 Things Guys Hate About Your Online Dating Profile Pics The Single Life: Amanda's Profile Pic Tips How to Take a Perfect Online Dating Profile Photo (Duckface and Red-Eye Begone! An up-and-coming app is turning the superficial premise of digital dating on its head with anonymous matches that—gasp! In an attempt to transform mobile dating into a more effective tool for long-term connection, Twine is pairing users up on a “personality first and looks later” basis, in the words of its founder, 35-year-old Rohit Singal.Women, who have tended not to embrace dating apps as enthusiastically as men, currently outnumber their counterparts on Twine by 16 to one.But because the app keeps a balanced user base, only an even number of men and women are allowed to be logged on at any given time.The recent update has already boosted the number of pairs by nine percent, and the developers are teasing a few more upcoming games and activities to make friendship a focus.But, statistics aside, people love to judge, whether it’s in real life or online, and that shallow aspect of digital dating is a big part of its appeal.

While I think this is an excellent platform for your best "Would you rather...?

Across the aisle, Tinder, he says, has “become popular because it expedites behavior in real life—we want to connect with attractive people whether the connection’s meaningful or not.” This entertaining model of flipping through faces is what rocketed the app to success, with 2 million pairs being made daily.

The quick judge-and-swipe has turned the experience into somewhat of a game, and the average user is playing it as such, logging on 11 times a day for seven minutes each time.

" questions, I'm definitely too superficial to start chatting up a dude online sight unseen. ) And, I can't help but wonder how quickly responses drop off once someone reveals their pics and their chat buddy is less than impressed.

I'd like to think we're past that, but when it comes to online dating, pictures are worth a thousand words.

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