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Photo albums You need somewhere to put those precious prints, so opt for an album with a design you love, which offers the space you need.You can buy personalised covers with monogrammed or embroidered lettering, so you'll have something really special to keep.You'll get a great shot regardless of lighting, distance, or your subject's fidgeting.Just make sure you read up on what each button does and get to know a bit about how shutter speed and aperture work. Voice recordings Capture that adorable little voice using a digital recorder, whether using an app on your phone or a separate device.So you'll be able to capture the faces, voices, movements and moods with ease.Digital compact cameras A dedicated digital camera comes with all the benefits of smartphones, but with extra features for the photography enthusiast, and potentially higher-quality results.

Digital SLR cameras The choice of the photography enthusiast, a digital SLR camera allows you to take high-quality images using a range of features and lens options.You can then see how your child develops and grows.Every parent will say that they don't know how their child grew up so fast.As you see your baby's first smile, his first steps, and even his first grimace when tasting mashed broccoli, you'll want to remember those moments forever.Here are the best ways to capture and hold on to those memories.

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