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I was trying to think of which one of my friends I could stay with for a little while.

Since the new semester didn’t start for another week, they were all at home for the break.

Beth was in sharp contrast to her husband, small and frail looking almost anemic. The kids fit much the same pattern with Joe Jr being a smaller replica of his father (loud and boisterous) and Gillian being slight and quiet.

I must admit that Joe scared me little bit and it disturbed me the way Joe Jr. The fall semester past and I did not have any troubles at the house.

He stared at me and did not say a thing for a long minute.

On campus housing was not available, and so I had to find another place to live.

Despite having a half scholarship, student loans (I was so broke I qualified for everything!

He said that Beth already did that and didn’t need any help. I knew he was hinting at something but that he wanted me to suggest it.

I couldn’t figure out what though (I was still pretty naive in those days).

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