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Even if you needed to upgrade your current computer, it’s probably easier to adjust to a new version of Windows, than to learn a completely different operating system from scratch.

Despite what everyone is saying, Windows 8.1 isn’t all that bad.

If..., which led to a great influx of new games, but big publishers are still ignoring the platform.

Likewise, hardware developers refuse to support a fraction of the PC market.

Moreover, despite the inflated price and walled nature of its environment, Apple supports its operating system with updates for a much shorter time than Microsoft Check-In: If you’re looking for the best value, Macs are out.

Because Windows remains the dominating operating system by far, developers often don’t bother with supporting other platforms.

Windows comes pre-installed on most hardware and works right out of the box.

Linux is a free option that, with some work, can be optimized to replace Windows With Windows 8 casting a long shadow over the PC industry and Valve committing to create Linux-based gaming PCs, there's never been a better time to start using Linux. Investing in the Macverse, however, is a whole different ballpark.

Whether you’re getting a Windows 8 tablet or a Windows desktop computer, you’ll be working with a powerful operating system. This price is comparable to a Chromebook or Android tablet and if all you do is use your browser and the Internet, by all means, get a mobile device.Even though it was designed for tablets, since the introduction of Windows 8.1 and its first Update It matters less and less every year what operating system you use, because every year we all spend more time on our computer using nothing but the browser. If you’re expecting to multi-task or install software, however, you already know better.You can buy a cheap laptop that comes pre-installed with Linux, but it’s something you have to spend time and energy on to set up.Basically, you invested many hours to adapt to the Windows environment.If you can’t be bothered to re-learn basic tasks or find alternatives and workarounds under a new operating system, why would you?

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