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There’s all kinds of different combinations; you just have to pick what button you want at that particular time.

And then there’s a button underneath that you can press with your lips.”Rocky plays on the FPS Quad Stick model, which boasts additional sensors and a stiffer joystick compared to the basic model, designed for less twitch-based gaming.

There’s actually a lot more disabled gamers than I thought that stream or are on You Tube.

But practice makes perfect.”Rocky’s streams are all the more impressive considering his ongoing treatment.

His weeks are filled with physical therapy and treatment for his blood disorder.

Slow-paced genres like adventure games and turn-based RPGs “where you can take your time” are easiest to play with a Quad Stick, Rocky says.

In fact, many Quad Stick players rarely touch shooters and multiplayer games due to how demanding they can be. “In order to crouch, I sip on the left and middle hole.

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    Evans joined the ECB’s Reserve List of Umpires in 2011 before being appointed to the First-Class Umpiring Panel in 2015 where he officiated with distinction as well as standing in Women’s One-Day and T20 Internationals.