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Comprising a territory spanning roughly 298 square kilometres (115 sq mi), the Maldives is one of the world's most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country by both land area and population, with around 427,756 inhabitants.

Malé is the capital and most populated city, traditionally called the "King's Island" for its central location.

You shall pray for erring individuals in private only; praying publicly for erring ones may cause some Jehovah’s Witnesses to stumble.

You shall accept that donations are used for more than the preaching work, including but not limited to, child sexual abuse cases.

Malabari seafaring culture led to the settlement of the Islands by Malayali seafarers.

The earliest written history of the Maldives was marked by the arrival of Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka and the Maldives (Mahiladvipika) circa 543 to 483 BC, as reported in the Mahavansa.

Women shall wear skirts or dresses to kingdom halls and when preaching.

Women shall wear a head-covering when praying in public and males are in attendance.

I forhold til, hvad jeg har oplevet er prisen noget useriøst.You should view mental health practitioners with a certain degree of suspicion.You shall not accept any medical product derived from blood or its primary components.The formal title of the Sultan up to 1965 was, Sultan of Land and Sea, Lord of the twelve-thousand islands and Sultan of the Maldives which came with the style Highness.The person traditionally deemed responsible for this conversion was a Sunni Muslim visitor named Abu al Barakat, stemming either from the Maghreb (as according to Ibn Battutah His venerated tomb now stands on the grounds of Hukuru Mosque, or miski, in the capital of Malé.

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